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Congratulations all around! John and Shelly Paice are expecting their first baby! In addition to the Paice family news, Josh Buttram and Carolyn Brown will be happily married on June 1st, 2002. Best Wishes from all of us at!


The Pastor of Worship ministries at Independent Bible Church, Brent Alderman, invited New River Coal to lead the Sunday morning worship for one of their morning services. It was a great opportunity for the band to share their ministry with the church body. Pastor Mark Johnson followed the time of worship with an impacting challenge from the Word.

07.09.2001 - 07.13.2001

"Them New River Coalers is my favorite band in the universe." - Possum

New River Coal enjoyed a wonderful and refreshing week of ministry with Independent Bible Church. It was a joy for the band to join in ministry with such a quality staff. Jr High Pastor Dean Plumblee (close friend of NRC) as well as Sr High Pastor Lowell McDonald coordinated the weeks schedule of ministry along with a slew of volunteer staff.

The week was kicked off Monday night and exciting activities followed each night. New River Coal led the times of worship each night as well as playing a concert for the Friday night activities. The band members also served along side the many youth staff volunteers as leaders for the week.

A major highlight of the week was the Mud Night, which found NRC and over 100 teens covered in mud from head to toe. Manna, a professional skateboarding team also participated in one evenings events providing a really sweet demo and some powerful testimonies. The week was filled with fun and excitement, but the focus for all involved was clearly, knowing God. Dave Bogue was the speaker for the week, he gave very practical and powerful challenges each night.

While New River Coal came to minister during Teen Week at IBC, by week's end the band had been ministered to in so many different ways. Thanks to everyone at IBC who shared in ministry with NRC and had an impacting ministry to the band.


The clients at Pinehaven Shelter enjoyed a full day of activities celebrating our nations birthday one day early. After a fun-filled picnic at Grandview in the New River Gorge National Park, they returned home for a concert by New River Coal. NRC enjoyed the opportunity to interact and fellowship with all of the great folks at Pinehaven as well as playing a varied set of some old NRC tunes and some fresh ones.

"It was a great opportunity to have our band play here at Pinhaven. Everyone keeps asking when we are going to be able to come again." Josiah


"It was a great evening, an atmosphere of worship, good music and at least one funny joke. " - Sam Smith

The Heritage Room at Daniels Bible Church was full of music and people on Saturday night. The only thing missing was enough seating as the place was packed to capacity. Centermark chief, Mark Breta joined NRC once again by singing a few songs to start off the evening. He was joined on a couple of songs by talented vocalist Angie van Scyoc (forgive me for the spelling). The evening focused on God’s love in difficult times. NRC led the assembly in singing a number of their favorite hymns that keyed in on God’s love as well as singing some of their own songs. They also debuted a couple of new songs never heard before (Josiah’s “a prayer for Debbie” and Natalie’s “true”). Thanks to all who participated in this special evening.


Friends, family, good music - a great setting for a 4 year old's birthday celebration. New River Coal joined in on the party celebrating Ally's 4th birthday. Ally is the neice of John (world renoun drummer for NRC) and Shelly Paice. It was a fun evening, with NRC pulling songs out of the hat that they have not played in many moons, along with a few numbers played along with Alley's Grandfather and good friend of NRC, Benny Warden. The party was hosted by Benny and his wife Darlene. Their beautifully cultivated back yard provided a great setting for the evening.


Josh Buttram led the evening of worship centered on God's love in tough times. Along with the worship, NRC shared some of their songs which also followed the theme of God's amazing love for us. Three church youth groups local to the Ansted, WV area participated in the evening of worship. The youth groups represented were from Ansted Baptist, Lovers Leap Baptist and Sunday Road Baptist. Special thanks to John Skaggs and Sunday Road Baptist Church for inviting NRC to share in their ministry.


Jam Fest is an annual, week long youth event hosted and operated by the Youth Staff at Abingdon Bible Church under the leadership of Greg Alderman and his intern Ben Crogan. Each year Jam Fest reaches out to hundred of teens in the Abingdon area. New River Coal joined in on the ministry the last evening of Jam Fest.

"We were priviledged to be a part of an awesome outreach and ministry to the teens in Abingdon." - Josiah Smith

After some wet and wild water games, New River Coal kicked off Friday evening with a 45 min set of their own songs, as well as leading some worship for the entire group. Following NRC was a drama team from Cedarville University, additional worship led by a group from North Carolina, and finally an impacting challenge by Van Marseau. It was a great evening of minstry.


"The setting for the concert was really great." - James D.

NRC linked up with Ezekiel's Vision for the Summer Blast Off 2001, held at Soldiers Memorial Theatre. NRC kicked things off with what they felt like was an energetic opening set. However, when Eze. Vision hit the stage, the music was pumped up another level. Through all the music by Ezekiel's Vision it was easy to see that these men have a heart for God. After Eze. Vision finished their set, NRC shared some more of their songs. At the end of the evening NRC and Eze. Vision joined in together with the audience in singing praise to the Lord. It was a great evening together. Click HERE for a photo. For more pictures visit


"This year was a lot of fun. I think we felt a lot more comfortable because we were familiar with the setting." - NRC drummer John Paice

Once again, New River Coal has been spotted on the gazebo stage at Shoemaker Square in uptown Beckley. While the setting is familiar, it's never the same group of people gathered there in the park. This event gave NRC the opportunity to share their music and ministry with people they would normally not be able to reach.


"New River Coal crossed the state line again." - WV State Police

NRC was joined Sunday evening by guest musician Fred Stromburg, who sang a few of his original songs to get things going. After Fred's opening set, he then joined the band on bass guitar due to the unfortunate absence of regular Jeremy Byrge. It was a great evening of ministry and fellowship together.


"it was great to be back home again with family and friends" - josiah smith

new river coal along with special guests sam judd and mark breta were warmly welcomed by the teens and adults at locust grove baptist church. the teens joined in on the ministry of the evening by setting the stage for nrc with some very powerful drama.

though the band was without the backbone of the rythym section, john paice, they still enjoyed the opportunity to share their hearts with the poeple at locust grove. locust grove, being just a stones through away from where band members josiah and sam smith grew up meant that the audience was made up of about 1/2 family amd the other 1/2 friends.

nrc was happy to be a part of the ministry of locust grove, now for the second year in a row. this week at lgbc they celebrated their 80th anniversary. may God continue to use locust grove as a godly and impacting ministry in the years to come.

new river coal enjoyed a great evening at the dayspring christian academy jr/sr banquet, which was held at the squires student center on the campus of virginia tech. it was a fun evening for all and new river coal was glad to be a part of the festivities. there was a great deal of hype about "dug" wearing a tux for the evening and he did not let the students down. way to go "dug"!

josiah graduated from appalachian bible college today. congratulations!

joing new river coal for this summer's tour will be jeremy byrge, natalie findley, and jack buttram .

new river coal has announced their summer ministry plans. unfortunately, sam will not be joining the band this summer.
news bulletin! josh asked his girlfriend, caroline, to be his wife. she said yes! congratulations! wedding date tba :-)

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